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Related EG Tests

(10-28-02) World Wide Electrogravitational Tests Link Page. This will be updated as new electrogravitational tests or related information are found on the web. GO: EGTESTS

Tests By Stavros G. Dimitriou (Posted here 03-08-2001) verify my previous theoretical works concerning quarter-wave transmission line reactive currents that directly establish a negative gravitational mass field. (See Overview, Saucer, Mass Generation, Harmonic Oscillator, and test links below for example.) My thanks also to Jean Louis Naudin for presenting Professor Stavros G. Dimitriou's work in a professional and clearly detailed manner. GO

Tests By Chris Hardeman (Posted here 02-08-2001), verify that microwave standing waves interact directly with gravity. This not only helps to verify my own theoretical work as published on this site, but points the way to further workable methods of electrogravitational generation and control. His device uses a microwave oven magnetron to deliver the required power.

Spring Suspension Tests (09-30-2000) by Jerry E. Bayles. Preliminary data indicates a direct mass loss using a spring and weight system and electronic counter for time measurement. GO: Harmonic Oscillator

Negative Electric Mass Verified (08-28-2000) Test by Stavros G. Dimitriou verifies my theory of how electromagnetic standing waves are very closely related to the mechanics of gravitation. GO: PROOF

Test Design (May 12, 2000): A quarter-wave resonant transmission line design to test for negative mass effects. GO: ETEST

Test Results (10-16-99 — Ongoing): Tests imply that the Schumann frequency may be linked to the electrogravitational frequency. GO: Electrogravitational Test Results