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Unusual Research Page: Source For Aharonov-Bohm Papers On The Aharonov-Bohm Effect And Quantum Potentials Involving The Vector Magnetic Potential And The Electric Scalar Potential As Being More Fundamental Than Maxwell Derived Electric And Magnetic Fields.


Booklocker: Space Art by KAF: Space art dealing with exoplanets and astrobiology.

(10-28-02) World Wide Electrogravitational Tests Link Page. This will be updated as new electrogravitational tests, or related information are found on the web. GO: EGTESTS

The Kind of Music I Like:

Sons of the Oregon Trail

(Skip Bessonette, Butch Martin and Marc Chaput sing and tell stories about western life when life out West was wild and free.)

Lifter Technology Sites:

Geographical Sites of interest:

Contains an oscillating magnetic field and much more!

Theoretical Gravitational Mass Reduction via ELF energy.
(Posted 04-21-2000)

Fran De Aquino's website.
Work by Jean Louis Naudin on the theory of Fran De Aquino Above, (Ongoing).
My analysis of the work as Presented in the above links.

CHAOS Programs:

Mandelbrot, Quaternions, etc.

UFO Investigation and Research:

Argonaut-Greywolf - Bill McDonald - alien UFO & Roswell artist-lecturer
Xander Mahony - Pictures, Area 51, Roswell 1947, Abductions, crop circles, etc.
Derek Chin - CrypticLink: UFO, Crop Circles and many great links.

Advanced Propulsion Research Forums:

First International Field Propulsion Meeting, University of Sussex, Brighton, England, Jan. 20-22, 2001
Project Greenglow Home Page
STAIF-2003 NASA Conference

Brave New Ideas and Creative Thinking Sites:

Gravity Central (Erik Nansteil)
JLN Labs (Actual Experimental Results presented by Jean Louis Naudin)
Advanced and Obscure Occulted Science (Joshua Gulick) 

Quantum Physics Related Websites:

Werner Heisenberg Page

The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say (Tom Van Flandern) Updated 12-16-2000

Sites Related To Quantum Electrogravitational Mechanics:

Spinning Disks Defy Newtons Law
RS Electrogravitic References: Part 2 of 19