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Electrogravitational Mechanic Papers, Letters, and Programs

(05-01-2003): "Quantum Connected Tesla Coil Action" The quantum action of the Tesla coil is presented in the contemporary non-local aspect of particle physics.

(08-01-02) Electrogravitational Energy Resonance anchors a craft to equal gravitational energy of an arbitrary gravitational energy gradient.

(05-29-02) The Great Pyramid's mathematical geometry is connected to the fine structure constant and my derived quantum torus.

(01-06-2002): Least Quantum Electrogravitational Velocity: Conceptual Breakthrough to Gravitational Action and Propulsion? Electrogravitational (A) Vector Magnetic Potential Proposed As Independent Of Source Velocity As Is The Case For Light.

(11-09-2001): HTML paper explains and correlates the test results of Fran De Aquino, Christ Hardeman, Jean Louis Naudin, Steve Burns, Jerry E. Bayles (below), and others: 'Quantum Uncertainty Rules.'

(09-19-2001) Paper titled, "The Mechanics of the Classic Gravitational Constant in terms of the Electrogravitational Action."

(08-10-2001) PAPER titled, "Mass Driver Field Production," which is a union of my work on electrogravitation and the information in the book "Circular Evidence" by Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, which presents details of crop circles.

( 03-28-2001) Fundamental Concept of Field Mass Generation Paper in HTML format complete with equations. Previous paper at the link below.

Letters that I feel are very relevant to my theory of Electrogravitation. (03-21-2001). This will be updated as new letters are submitted or written by myself.

Recent (01-23-2001) Copy of my paper, "Quantum Vehicle Propulsion," recently submitted to the 2001 Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop in Brighton, England. HTML format.

(11-07-2000) Virtual Transmission Line Along the Perimeter of "Saucer" allows for 100% control of generated field mass.

Force Equations Summarized (10-14-2000) from my online ebook above.

Paper On How To Generate Huge Negative Mass Fields (10-09-2000) by Jerry E. Bayles. Paper also explains the mechanics of why electrons have 1/2 spins and why positive mass is dominant.

Tesla Standing Waves and Power Gain via gravitational field interaction. (06-26-2000): My recent thoughts concerning power gain via Tesla's Power Transmission scheme and a proposal on how to put it to work today.

PAPER (April 24, 2000): Mass Field Generation Theory provides the same results as Fran De Aquino's test. My standing wave transmission line mass-fields theory generates negative field mass directly without resorting to phonon or photon absorption.

Fundamental Mass Generation Concept Paper (January 17, 2000): Electric Mass Generation via standing waves that relates to the quantum and classical realms.

Groundbreaking Paper (11-11-99): Photon/Atomic Structure/Electrogravitational Master Equation Provides a fundamental in-depth explanation of why the electron, atoms, photons, and perhaps nuclear geometry is constructed the way that it is. Proves the connection of Extreme Low-Frequency electromagnetic radiation, (ELF), to the basic atomic and electron structure. Presents a design of a Macro Electron Craft that is based on the theory, as presented in the paper.

Paper (10-07-99): This man's view of what energy and inertia are. Not for the creatively challenged mind.

Paper (09-23-99): The strange field properties related to the Faraday disk, DePalma's N-machine, and the Searl engine combine in principle to agree with the author's vector magnetic electrogravitation action theory. Let's build one!

Paper (08-17-99): The strong, weak, and magnetic force equivalence at the Rn1 orbital of the Bohr atom and the relationship of the forces to the natural number e and pi.

Paper (04-10-99...Updated 08-22-00): A new expression for the Electrostatic Force unifies the Electrogravitational Force to the electric, magnetic, and nuclear weak and strong forces. Provides solution as to how and why the Searle motor/generator works. Available in Mathcad and Adobe PDF formats.

Paper (01-30-99): A New Set Of Interaction Constants That Connect Momentum Space With Energy Space and the Electrogravitational Action. Available in Mathcad and Adobe PDF Format.

Paper (01-30-99): A reprint of a discussion between myself and Rick Anderson concerning Tesla standing waves vs. Poynting vector electromagnetic transverse waves.

Paper (01-27-99): A reprint of conversation about charged plasma atmospheric drag reduction with related info concerning electro gravitational craft construction from the ancient days to the present.

Paper (12-31-98): Paper that explains the rest of nature's action at a distance outside of the special case of the limiting velocity of light as applied to Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity. Download or read the online paper in both Mathcad and Adobe Acrobat format.

PAPER: Artificially Created Macro Particle Field Energy Extraction File (Updated. Paper is on energy space energy extraction via the author's rotating standing wave Mass-field. In Mathcad 6.0 and Adobe reader format.)