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History of Electrogravitational
Mechanic Studies

May 05, 2023: Acoustic energy used to boost electromagnetic energy applies to the Great Pyramid, Tesla Power Transmission, The Philadelphia Experiment, Teleportation and much more.

March 03, 2023: An alternate approach to Special Relativity allows for the union of quantum mechanics and electromagnetics in the form of waveguide theory.

January 02, 2023: Field Mass Creation via Charge and Magnetic Field interaction, and then a quantum Force Field is Generated from the acceleration of that mass field rotation. A proof of concept video link is included.

 July 24th, 2021: Mass is created from action of entanglement of two fundamental quantum momenta, each involving the A-vector multiplied by charge. This is shown in the paper below. (In order for momentum to exist it must include mass.) Further, the electric and magnetic fields of the ordinary electromagnetic wave are also created by the same two fundamental quantum momenta. Finally, electrogravitation (gravity) is also created from the same two quantum momenta. The quantum momenta exist as the least quantum state of momentum and all of creation depends on the existence of these fundamental states of permanent quantum momentum.

JAN 10, 2021: ANCIENT ENERGY GEOMETRY:  There are four geometric structures of interest to be analyzed in this paper. It will be shown that they have parameters that form a commonality such that they share a fundamental geometric energy connection to the frequency of the hydrogen atom. The first analysis will be the Ark Of The Covenant and its most likely dimensions based on the long cubit and the golden ratio based on (4/π)2 as listed in the Parameters Of Calculation in this paper. The next will be what I call the "energy pipe event" and its associated geometry. The next will be the Anasazi Bowl of the American southwest followed by the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of these have a direct connection geometrically related to the wavelength of the hyperfine structure of hydrogen.

JULY 19, 2020: Electrogravitation unifies the strong, weak, electric, and magnetic fields and provides a proof of a binary structure to the relative magnitudes of the numbers connected to reality.

JAN 10, 2020: Ancient Alien Science And The Golden Ratio: The ancient pre-dynastic pyramids of Egypt are stark evidence of building that predated the Egyptians by many thousands of years. Huge hundred-ton megalithic granite stones fitted together with a precision that cannot be explained or copied by today's methods are not only evident in and around the Great Pyramid but in structures around the world. Easter Island, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Puma Punku in Bolivia, as well as a host of other locations, stand as silent testimonials to scientific methods of building that are unmatched by modern methods of engineering and science.

MAY 14, 2019: Mass Field Generation secret is presented in this paper. The secret to flying saucer lift and propulsion, as well as how the ancient pre-dynastic people lifted and transported the megalithic stones-- some over 1200 tons. In other words, how the Great Pyramid of Giza has built as well as others the world over. Inductance converts to mass in a coupling of charge squared times area and the cyclic double derivative action that builds force to huge levels in short order.

FEB. 27, 2019: The fundamental constants are used to construct the proton from the electron. Further, frequencies are developed from the above electro gravitational equation that can melt rock as well as just about any other material. The Great Pyramid of Giza is connected via the fundamental constants to the geometry of the proton and electron.

NOV. 28, 2018: Copy of April 1989 Scientific American article, "Quantum Interference and the Aharonov-Bohm Effect," that prompted me to begin my research into the quantum mechanics of gravity. The article begins on page 56 and terminates on page 62 and forms the basis for why gravity cannot be shielded against as electromagnetic waves can. The Magnetic Vector Potential, as outlined in the article, exists outside of the magnetic field that the MVP is created from and directly affects the momentum of particles that it interacts with. The copy is for reference purpose connected with my theory of "Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory" presented in and on this web site. NOTE: The time-independent MVP is 90 degrees to the time-dependent MVP, and the latter forms the basis for UFO style propulsion and lift.

UPDATED NOV. 12, 2018: The Great Pyramid is proven to be based on 60 Hz as well as the Golden Ratio, the fine atomic structure constant, and the hyperfine frequency of the Hydrogen Atom. Related exact acoustic frequencies for the Grand Gallery and the niche in the Queen's Chamber are established. A test is designed to extract free energy at 60 Hz based on the design of the Great Pyramid. The mathematics that establishes why the Great Pyramid was placed at its present location is presented, and much more.

March 27, 2018: Atomic Vectored Centrifugal Force Applied As A Lifting And Motive Force That Is Macroscopic And Yet Quantum In Its Action. This Paper Applies To Two Forms Of Electrogravitation As Well As Teleportation, Power Generation, Force Field Stone Levitation As Well As Stone Cutting Plus Unlimited Other Applications.

Updated March 24, 2018: Field action diagram added on page 6 that details the generation and field sequence that creates the lifting force field, as well as being able to generate a tractor or repulsion beam, which can also shake solid matter to a powder if necessary.

Flying saucer design is based on creating a macroscopic quantum field to allow for quantum jumps without inertial effects and also propulsion via the A-vector quantum magnetic potential.

Jan. 14, 2018: Quantum Faraday Motor Provides Lift! Using A Sensitive Electronic Balance-Beam Scale, The Quantum Faraday Magnetic Motor YouTube Video Demonstrates Empirical Proof That There Is A Vertical Negative (Down) Offset As Well As A Sine Wave Lifting And Falling As The Motor Rotation Slips Into And Out Of Phase With The Vertical Quantum Magnetic Standing Wave (Inherent To The Magnet Field Itself) At The Center Of The Motor. This Is Similar To Flying Vimana Action Of Ancient India History That Lifted And Fell As They Flew Along.

Nov. 24, 2017: Paper with mathematical explanation of why the Quantum Magnetic Motor worked. (Referenced below, Oct. 27, 2017).

Oct. 27, 2017: Empirical tests on the "Experimental Quantum A-Vector Motor" (Oct. 16, 2017 Below) proves that there exists an asymmetry in the magnetic field such that there is a velocity differential in a copper cylinder that is rotating around a magnet. With an equal standard current vertical in the cylinder in parallel with the magnetic field of the magnet, the rate of rotation is not the same in regards to a current direction through the copper cylinder that controls the direction of rotation. The following YouTube video link shows this to be a fact, proving that there is a slow field rotation around the rod magnet which is linked directly to the fine quantum structure constant, wherein the velocity of rotation is equal to the square root of the fine structure constant in meter per second units. This action is a macroscopic display of a quantum mechanism.

Also: Proof that magnetohydrodynamic forces in the mercury contactor do not exist due to the design of the motor wherein the sum of the current vectors cancel each other out. Thus, the rotational motion of the motor is due only to the electro gravitational least quantum velocity, which is defined as being equal to the square root of the fine structure constant in meter per second units.

Also, Quantum Faraday Motor Construction Details:

Oct. 16, 2017: Experimental Quantum A-Vector Faraday-style motor demonstration that verifies that Faraday discovered much more than "motor action" in the film of Sept. 13, 2017 (below this post). Ordinary motors have the magnetic flux, the electric current, and the motion all 90 degrees to each other. The Faraday demonstration has the current and magnetic flux parallel to each other while the A-vector drags the current carrier along with it. The dot product of the current and A-vector is a force in Newtons, and this propels the current carrier in circulating fashion.

Sept. 13, 2017: Excellent demonstration of Faraday test replication (video excerpt) where I have concluded that Faraday verified what I call in my Theory Of Electrogravitation, "The Least Quantum Velocity VLM" is equal to the square root of the fine structure constant in meter per second units. The rotating wire holds a constant velocity, which suggests that it does not demonstrate ordinary motor action, which would tend to make the moving wire speed up over time, but rather it shows the wire following a constant velocity vector. The video is copied from a local PBS TV station program, which is in itself is from a video "DISCOVER, Ultimate DVD Library, Einstein's Big Idea."

Related tests recorded on video establish that the magnetic field around spinning magnets show a difference in resonance frequency between a rising speed of rotation and a slowing speed of rotation such that the difference in the rate of rotation that causes resonance with nearby indicator magnets will yield the least quantum electro gravitational velocity VLM. This is equal to the square root of the fine quantum structure constant in meter per second units and is well established on this web site in numerous published works herein. The gravitational field of the Earth interacts vertically against the speed differential, where the change in momentum of the field in the magnetic disks per unit time adds and subtracts from the gravitational force to create the differential speed of rotation indication on the electronic counter. This is also related to how Faraday generators work wherein the spinning magnetic disks exhibit a field motion latency that "hangs" nearly motionless around the spinning disks, thus creating generator action with no other field provided. The field does move, and I propose that it moves at the rate of VLM but in a direction set by the magnetic field polarity of the magnetic disks. Then gravity and VLM are linked fundamentally and empirically as necessary for gravitational force.

August 21, 2017: Ordinary waveguide mechanics are useful for creating non-local action and are demonstrated to unify the General and Special Theories of Relativity to my theory of Quantum Electrogravitation. Updated version on August 30, 2017.

For relevant figures in pdf format:

April 27, 2017: Chaos Demonstrated by the Logistic Difference Equation Illustrates How Reality Is Discontinuous If Iterated To The Point Of Bifurcation And How That Action Strongly Suggests That The Universe May Well Be A Giant Holographic Computer.

GOD'S CREATION EQUATION: Feb. 07, 2017: God is the greatest mathematician as well as omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. A fundamental equation creates something out of nothing ad infinite.

Nov. 01, 2016: This paper will serve to unite several fundamental parameters involving the fine quantum structure constant, the hyperfine frequency of the hydrogen atom, the Golden Ratio, the electro gravitational frequency of my own theory of "Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory," as well as the 60 Hz field as a fundamental constant in nature with the geometry built into the design of the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.

Nov. 09, 2014: General Relativity is subsumed to my Theory Of Electro Gravitation. All forces unified.

Sept. 14, 2014: Atomic and molecular "jitter' or vibration may be explained as offset force due to inertial force segments occurring at random orientations around the particles. It is shown that this is possible based on fundamental and empirically established quantum constants of nature. The alignment of this offset force may be used for propulsion and explain the action of ocean shore waves.

Jan. 27, 2014: This newest form of the electro gravitational equation is the long sought after format which not only provides the same result numerically as Newton's gravitational formula but also the single Newton force parameter result. As such, it stands as the first real unification of the fields of force.

Update Addendum, June 06, 2014: In summation, all the forces in local space depend on the non-local least quantum velocity VLM and the force connector that sets the scale of the force. The energy gate width in meters squared is the window from energy space that controls the magnitude of the force connector. If it were possible to control the force gate width, unlimited force field energy would be available. Force fields could be generated for energy supplies, weapons, energy transmission over unlimited distances, and instantaneous communications.

Jan. 14, 2014: Unification of all forces with new two-step formulae that generate rapidly increasing or decreasing energy with a few parameter changes. The Great Pyramid at Giza demonstrates that the builders of the pyramid understood quantum structure and incorporated the fact into the pyramids' design. The new approach to electro gravitation results in a single newton unit output that melds into the structure of my original equations so as to create a tornado type of structure. Explains why the Earth, Sun, and even galaxies rotate. The new formula suggests why and how the Big Bang grew at such a fast rate but also suggested that a big crunch could happen just as fast.

Sept. 03, 2013: The Schrodinger equation is presented in my electro gravitational format.

May 08, 2013: Test results of acoustical resonance characteristics of two long mast thin-walled steel pipes that have graduated pipe diameters to cause a change in the energy gradient along the inside of the pipe of the sound wave energy. This is a test of the below Mar. 01, 2013, paper.

Mar. 01, 2013: Mathematical proof of the mechanics of energy induction from the proton pressure wave via the special geometry of a volume change in the metal pipe that synchronizes the acoustic wave to the hyperfine wavelength of the Hydrogen atom at 21 cm.

Jan. 31, 2013: A unit correction factor is derived that allows for the Electrogravitational Force Equation to yield a singular Newton unit and still maintain the force to be inversely proportional to the square of the distance between systems. Paper also derives a correct statement for the Newtonian Gravitational Constant. Feynman once remarked that He thought that the Gravitational Constant probably needed different units so as to allow for a complete connection between gravitational force and the electric and magnetic force fields.

Dec. 26, 2012: A Treatise on quantum mechanics related to electro gravitation and free energy associated with same.

Nov. 17, 2012: Paper that offers a methodology of how Edward Leedskalnin and the ancient Pyramid Builders lifted huge massive stone monoliths with ease.

Oct. 24, 2012: Paper and video that explains a recent test where it was shown that a 90-degree shift in three-dimensional space of the magnetic, electric, and A-vectors can explain why energy can be decoupled from a spinning magnet and then be captured from the resultant field system without loading the original system.

Aug. 17, 2012: Paper that develops the concept of how the fine structure constant has angular considerations that not only connects it to the square of the Golden Ratio but also regenerates itself.

Mar. 16, 2012: Paper that expands on the below paper where the Quantum Circulation Constant is shown to have a hidden geometrical framework that explains the dynamics of the Universe.

Feb. 06, 2012: Paper that ranges from quantum scaling factors that define the size of the universe to how the fine structure constant determines the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Also shows how perturbation of the least quantum of circulation constant in Heisenberg's equations of uncertainty can set the scale of all of the force fields and provide free energy.

Dec. 01, 2011: Toroidal current transformers demonstrate that the A-Vector is not shielded when passing through an iron pipe. This is the basic principle of current transformers in commercial power generation metering and protective relays, yet it is not common knowledge. The A Vector is fundamental to my theory of "Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory."

Dec. 08, 2010: Tests reveal that at a critical rate of revolution, my improved Brushless Faraday 4-pole generator running into a short will run as a motor.

Also: Dec. 27, 2010: Salient test data for the above generator.

Also: Dec. 29, 2010: It is proven that shorting the brushless Faraday Free Energy Generator coils causes not only an increase in rotation speed but also causes a decrease of drive current to the prime mover a.c. Motor. This is opposite to conventional generator/motor action. Thus, it is proven that this device taps into free energy from energy space, which is the same energy source that created and sustained the universe.

Oct. 12, 2010: Four-disk power out a test of the brushless Faraday disk magnet. This is a demonstration test of power out from four strong disk magnets in the rotation that do not reflect a load back to the prime mover. This proves that there is a standing wave field around the disk magnets, as did the 1 and 2 disk tests previously. (See below.)

Also, four-disk balance magnet resonance tests. The fundamental electro gravitational frequency of 10.03 Hz is measured as a strong resonance along with others that prove the standing wave field exists around the disk magnets, which leads to chiral energy differences that arise from a spiral geometry moving outwards from the disks. This is free energy and proof that energy is not balanced around the disks.

Oct. 05, 2010: One-disk balance magnets resonance test show similar action as the previous two-disk test but with different frequencies of resonances.

Sept. 29, 2010: Video demonstrates that a 1-disk brushless Faraday Generator works as well as a 2-disk system but with about 3/4 the output voltage. Also, proof that the Faraday an equivalently loaded. DC generator does. The result is shown in a reduction of shaft speed when the conventional generator is connected to a load that absorbs the same amount of power that the Faraday brushless generator delivers. This is absolute proof of the value of the Brushless Faraday Generator

Sept. 25, 2010: Chiral Magnetic Field Demonstration of a two-magnet system wherein it is proven that a slight difference in the energy density between the left and right sides of a balanced magnetic field arrangement yields a chiral action.

Magnetic Standing Wave Resonance Tests: Sept. 08, 2010: A Windows Movie Media (WMV) video that shows that the standing wave field around an inline pair of magnet disks has a non-parity in the left versus the right side of the disks at different speeds of rotation. Further, that the Schumann frequency is on the right side, and a frequency is on the left side such that the difference frequency multiplied by the circumference of the disks yields the electro gravitational fundamental velocity equal to the square root of the fine structure constant in meter per second units. Thus a strong validation of my theory of Electrogravitation is the result.

Macroscopic Demonstration Of Quantum Electron Spin In A Split Disk Magnet Field:

Aug. 11, 2010: A Windows Movie Media (WMV) video that demonstrates electron spin 1/2 action in a split magnetic field wherein a pair of small balance magnets is shown to have to be moved around a pair of disk magnets twice to have the small pair of magnets to return to the starting position. Also, non-parity of the balance magnets, which are 90 degrees to each other across the sides of the disks which may explain the asymmetry of Beta decay from Cobalt-60 measured by Madam Wu back in the 1950s.

Proof Of Concept Test Report: July 21, 2010: Abstract: A simple test is performed on a brushless a. c. pickup Faraday generator wherein it is shown that power extraction does not slow down the prime mover. Then it is shown that a conventional generator loaded at the same power does slow down the prime mover significantly. The result indicates a vast improvement over conventional power generation methods.

Also: Demonstration of Brushless Faraday Generator Providing Power To A Small Incandescent Lamp:

Coming Soon!

June 23, 2010: The missing Toroid A-vector Telos Research Paper that strangely disappeared a couple of years ago on the web and was rediscovered by myself recently on my archive disk.

April 10, 2010: A collection of work for the years 2009 and early 2010. In Adobe Acrobat format. The A-vector forms the foundation for matter and fields, the Faraday Generator quantum theory, and much more.

April 04, 2010: Test of a Faraday Generator demonstrates free energy is possible. The power output is related to the fourth power of the radius increase, which allows for a decrease in rotation speed and still have a gain in power.

Jan. 01, 2009: New Paper Presents The Faraday Motor Principle As A Method For Free Energy And Craft Levitation And Propulsion.

Oct. 16, 2008: The Mathcad source files are available for those who have the Mathcad software versions 6.0 and 2001i. Click on: Version 6.0 or Version 2001i. This posting is in response to numerous requests for the Mathcad source files. Enjoy!

September 04, 2008: Einstein's E = mc2 is shown to have relativistic solutions involving the square root of two and the Golden Ratio, which are both irrational numbers. The solutions derive the same momentum and so-called rest mass energy but arrive at the result in a way that conforms to the Special Theory of Relativity.

June 22, 2008: Hydrogen energy extraction from the proton pressure wave is shown to be connected to a universal quantum non-local force constant. This constant force connection to energy space also ties together magnetic field energy extraction and electro gravitation. This is the answer to eliminating global warming by fossil fuel consumption. The method shown provides clean, free energy without limit. Also, deep space travel is possible via the force field provided by the electro gravitational force field being supported by the universal energy space quantum force constant gate.

ADDENDUM: April 08, 2008: Extension of the below paper, which includes a total use of the complex form of the fine structure constant, which ties into the paper listed below.

ADDENDUM: March 22, 2008: Starting on page 9 titled, "In The Beginning," the addendum begins with: "In the following addendum to the above paper, the beginning of the universe is examined in terms of the least Plank time and Plank radius. It will be developed through the use of the Heisenberg uncertainty equation that the beginning energy is far less than what exists in the present-day universe. As a result, the conclusion is that the energy input to the universe is ongoing and has been since the very beginning. This meshes with the concept of the field growth potential of unterminated charges yielding potentially an infinite energy increase over time. The universe, therefore, is continually seeding itself for unlimited growth." Also, the Higg's probable mass is calculated and much more.

Jan. 27, 2008: Mathematical proof of dynamic energy hidden in the so-called static electric and magnetic fields. Not only do fields flow, but the energy is potentially unlimited in the unterminated case. Explains dark matter and negative energy growth in the universe as a result.

Dec. 29, 2007: Updated proof of the necessary existence of the Least Quantum Electrogravitational Frequency based on mathematics involving established quantum parameters. An addendum is added with a further derivation of why there exists a form of the fine structure constant that has a least quantum value equal to the fine structure constant in magnitude but also having units of velocity squared. Includes 'imaginary' values, which must occur in the quantum realm.

Dec. 22, 2007: Suggested test for the speed of electro-gravity (gravity) involving solitons trapped in a ring in a two-dimensional plane control lattice that may be perturbed or jerked so as to test for instantaneous interaction with a similar lattice containing a like solution.

July 09, 2007: Extended Analysis And Report of High Voltage Free Energy Event. Stunning results reveal methodology of free energy extraction.

Nov. 29, 2006: Hydrogen Free Energy Supplies Power For Energy Beam To End War.

Sept. 03, 2006: Tornado Dynamics: A Method Of Power Generation.

June 25, 2006: Energy induction from energy space utilizing the Caduceus coil as an ionized plasma Helmholtz resonator. Anti-gravity and limitless free energy.

June 25, 2006: Mandelbrot "lake" in three-dimensional rendering. Suggests a possible reason for power generation blackouts due to instabilities caused by fractal disturbances in the imaginary (VAR) case.

(Posted May 16, 2006): Creation of Matter From Energy Double Cross-Product Solution For Electrogravitation.

EUREKA MOMENT! Keys To The Universe: Dec. 10, 2005: Foundation Paper provides for free energy and control of gravitation based on established empirical data and formulae.

Three-part paper in Adobe Acrobat format: (Updated 02-10-2006)

The first part, "Particle Field Energy Down-Scaling Via A new Complex Fine Structure Constant," pages 1-26, introduces a new complex fine structure constant which is used to create 10 down-scaled energy dimensions which further arrives at the least quantum electro gravitational velocity equal to the square root of the ordinary fine structure constant in meter/second units. The new, complex fine structure constant is based on an imaginary value for the square root of the Golden Ratio used as a power series with the fine structure constant. The fine structure constant is derived from the slight difference at 90 degrees between the Natural Spiral based on (e) and the square root of the golden ratio. Also, independent of proton mass calculations connects the first complex energy reduction to the geometry of the proton's necessary field velocity and a mass ratio above the electron mass. Finally, it derives the necessary field considerations for justifying that the Great Pyramid at Giza was most likely a giant acoustical/electric power generator based on the square root of the Golden Ratio. This paper is a significant extension of "The Golden Ratio And The Fine Structure Constant," which is listed below.

The second part, "Hydrogen As A Free Energy Source Defines A new Universe," pages 26-37, provides a theoretical conceptual and mathematical basis for the results of lifters, electrokinetic force thrusters, cold fusion, Mollars Atomic Hydrogen. Energy Generator, the Cosmic Background Radiation, and The Atomic Hydrogen Fine Structure Constant Frequency and much more. It provides the solution for all of humanity's energy needs for now and in the future. It ties together Jean-Louis. Naudin's work as well as Miklos Borbas's work and many others, such as T. T. Brown. Click on the below link for updated paper.

The third part, "Negative Energy And Positive Pressure," pages 38-42, provides the mathematical proof that the electron and the proton both create a positive pressure wave but have positive and negative energy fields, respectively. It further provides a foundation for the concept of a positive and negative non-local universe apart from our normal universe. It also establishes our local universe as sandwiched in between the positive and negative non-local energy domains.

(04-17-2005) Updated: Sinewave Tests Cause Gravitational Attraction. Also, the previous balance beam current transformer test provides a positive correlation with another's online test. This is demonstrated by the Vector Magnetic Potential (A-Vector) in the pulsed current mode causing a torus winding to interact with and repel the gravitational field of the Earth. This provides substantial proof of the electro gravitational concept shown in my gravitational equation

(03-01-2005) New Paper in PDF format: "The Golden Ratio And The Fine Structure Constant." It is shown that the golden ratio overshoots the expected magnitude at the zero crossings of the real number line by a magnitude that allows for the development of excess energy. This excess energy is in the range of the fine structure constant when compared to the rest mass energy of an electron. The necessary correction factor yields a frequency that is equal to the resonant frequency of the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza. It includes an appendix describing the construction fundamentals of the golden ratio.

(02-12-2005) Paper in PDF format: "Quantum Electrogravitational Constants Of Force And Time." This paper expands on a previous paper below (Link DUALFREQPDF). It provides further proof that an electro-gravitational concept is a true approach to the solution of uniting all force fields as well as what the real nature of the gravitational mechanism is.

Paper: (07-08-2004) (Updated 07-19-2004) (Second Update 08-09-2004) (Third Update 08-26-2004) (Fourth Update 09-21-2004). A two-frequency solution of the above electro gravitational equation where the force constant Fqk is shown to have both an electromagnetic as well as quantum frequency constant that can be tested for as to their actual existence. The same applies to the (A) vector wherein a two frequency solution involving an electromagnetic as well as quantum frequency constant may also apply.

The first update provides actual frequency and velocity parameters as well as a possible test equipment setup.

The second update reveals hidden fundamental ultrasonic frequencies related to the vector magnetic potential magnetic flux constant in the above equation as well as a fundamental frequency constant associated with the force constant. The importance of the fine structure constant is revealed to show that the Schumann frequency can be related to the basic electro gravitational frequency via the new hidden fundamental frequencies. (We should discover the Schumann frequency of 7.879309193 Hz on other planets as well as here on Earth.)

The third update derives a frequency constant associated with the magnetic permeability of free space and therefore is not only relevant to magnetic fields but to all electromagnetic fields and quite possibly mass since I propose that rest mass is energy in the form of a non-radiating field of standing waves.

The fourth update provides a solution for creating mass out of two changing frequencies, which in turn creates an acceleration field. First, an energy field is initially created where both frequencies related to the free space impedance, and the permeability and permittivity are seen to be equal, and then the impedance is set equal to the Quantum Hall ohm, and we see two distinct frequencies that define a mass field. Explains pair production as well as the creation of a projected mass field such as would create crop circles and force impact beams useful as mass movers.

PDF: DUAL FREQ PDF Also, Area 51 S-4 Saucer Information: INFO PDF

PAPER: (04-29-2004) Coherent Power Generation based on self-organization of both natural and imposed fractal energy feedback and control. Includes a possible spacecraft propulsion system based on momentum gain via a non-linear medium of propagation and how Nyquist noise may be connected to electro gravitational least quantum energy as well as zero-point energy.

PAPER: (01-14-2004) A Proposed Test For Determining The Mechanics of Electrogravitation in Four Parts. This is a major extension of the paper VECTOR below. The file is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

A Windows movie file may be downloaded, which illustrates wave function packet motion.

Coming Soon!

PAPER: (Sep. 30, 2003) How The Vector Magnetic Potential May Accelerate Matter As A General Consequence Of The (A) Vector's Fast Rate Of Change With Respect To Time.

PAPER: (Feb. 04, 2003) My paper: "Quantum Vehicle Propulsion" as I presented it to the D04 Session; STAIF-2003 Conference in Albuquerque, NM on Feb. 04, 2003.

It is on permanant record in the Library of proceedings.